Fitted furniture made by measure & Handyman services

Our 25+ years expertise is the reason why we can handle design, produce and install at your place a big range of customized products. All you can see in the pictures presented below are made by us (just a small part...).


If needed, we can manage all adaptation or collateral works needed: appliance installing, plumbing, electrical, carpentry, plasterboard, decoration.

For standard works, you can read our pricelist at the bottom of this page.


We offer handyman services for construction buildings, as follows:

- installing of windows and doors, joinery and carpentry, laminate flooring
- repartitioning and interior design, plasterboard, artistic ceilings

We work in North East of London. You can call us to request a quote for your specific need.


Many of our customers prepare lists of jobs they need doing ahead of booking us for a fixed time period. 
This means you know pretty exactly how much will costs.


 £40.00 first hour, subsequent work at £20 per hour, or part thereof (vat inclusive)
 £165.00 (vat inclusive) per day (8 full hours)

TYPICAL PRICES (all inclusive of VAT):




Changing Light Switches (per switch) £10
Replacing Sockets per unit £15
Converting sockets - single to double £30
Changing Light Fittings (per fitting) £15
Connecting an electric cooker (existing wiring) £45



Changing taps (per tap – no pipework modification) £25
Replacing Toilet  £150
Replacing Wash Basin £125
Replacing Bath £200
Installing an outside tap  £110
Plumbing in a new washing machine (pipework in situ) £30
Plumbing in a new dishwasher (pipework in situ) £30
Change ballvalve £35



Laying laminate flooring (inc..underlay & scotia) per sq metre From £12
Interior Door replacement (inc door furniture) per door £65
Exterior Door replacement (inc door furniture) per door £105



Painting Walls + Ceilings (2 coats of emulsion) per sq m £6
Painting Wooden Interior Doors (inc primer) per door £40
Painting Glass panelled interior doors (inc primer) per door £60
Painting Wooden Exterior Doors (including primer) per door £75
Painting Exterior Walls per sq metre £7
Stripping regular wallpaper per square metre £5
Stripping painted wallpaper per square metre £7
Hanging Wallpaper (per linear metre – 2.4m ceilings) From £30



Wall and Floor tiling (excluding mosaic tiles) per square metre £25
Replacing Radiators (per radiator – no pipework change) £50
Drainage of Central Heating System £70
Replacing Radiators (pipework needs changing) £STS
Changing Door Handles (per pair) £10
Replacing Door Locks (per lock) £30
Installing New Door Locks / Door furniture (per door) £40



Please note that all of the above prices are subject to the following conditions: 


MINIMUM CHARGE per working visit = £40 (surely you must have enough little jobs that need doing).

Prices quoted are dependent on 'normal' circumstances - if your circumstances mean more work is required (see "Terms") then I may need to make a specific estimate for your work. (ALL ESTIMATES ARE FREE)

If there's something you need doing that's not on the list - I will provide you with a specific estimate. (ALL ESTIMATES ARE FREE)

Prices above are for labour only - we charge materials at their retail cost plus a 7% handling fee and can provide receipts for everything we charge.


Currently we are based in Elstree, Herts - we will service an area within 10 miles of WD63DE postcode at the above rates.

For work outside this area we reserve the right to charge extra at Inland Revenue rates to cover travelling costs.

Our banking details:
Sortcode: 20-29-47
Acc. nr: 73057364

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