Entrance mats


MONDA professional wipers are comprised of groups of special profiled aluminum rods. The girders are joined hinged together by steel cables and rubber spacers, through a special technique that allows a flexible structure while ensuring the capture of impurities from pedestrian traffic and frequent cleaning of the underside.


Cleaning dust and dirt from shoes is achieved by a series of grooved rubber bands or carpeting, mounted in mansions rulers of this professional carpet, alternating in some cases with strips of brush or scraper.


MONDA professional wipers are executed on several different types, corresponding to the traffic and  environmental requirements. The size and plan shape contour are determined based on specifications received from the beneficiary. Their flexibility allows convenient packaging and transport, medium to large size carpets being rolled into cylinders.


Standard colors for carpet or rubber bands are gray, black or beige. On request they can be supplied in other colors or printed with your logo.

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