Bridge Expansion Joints - Camelot Regular

The device Camelot Regular, in order to ensure traffic flow over the expansion joint from the roadway bridges, includes an elastomeric prismatic or cylindrical profile, mounted in the recess of the flank of two metal profiles of special sections, and by having their main shape this confers resistance to bending in the vertical direction, being provided also with one thickened area and flattened at the top, in the plane of the road; the entire assembly being anchored by incorporating concrete, recesses pre-formed shape of reinforcing loops welded metal profiles directly.


The device has the following advantages:

- simple and robust construction
- safety in use
- high capacity to handle movements of contraction / expansion on an axis parallel to the longitudinal axis of the bridge, or another direction much different
- high capacity to handle movements in the directions along any axis
- high pickup capacity of rotations around any axis
- the possibility of installing joints showing a significant deviation from the right angle to its own axis, to the longitudinal axis of the bridge
- easy anchoring, secure and sustainable
- minimum sound impact at the contact between tires and point system
- handling loads with vertical and horizontal forces from traffic transmitted to the structure directly through a reduced number of components
- simple waterproofing, quick flow guaranteed
- insensitivity against environmental factors, extreme weather, dirt, ice

Camelot Regular - dwg file
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