Professional equipment for roads, motorways, bridges and buildings

Neoprene and metal bridge bearings, Expansion joints for bridges, Expansion joints for buildings, Wall and corner guard systems, Fire insulation

Bridge bearings

These bearings are devices that transmit vertical loads from the weight of the bridge to sub-structure, while allowing controlled sliding resulting from thermal expansion, at predefined points.

Bridge expansion joints

Bridge expansion joints are technical structures needed to mitigate the result of the efforts caused in the deck end areas of the bridge by expansion or contraction.

Building expansion joints

The expansion joints profiles are unavoidable for covering gaps between large buildings (airports, superstores, car parks) or building extensions (a new hospital wing, for example). Their role is not just visual but, most important, to accommodate all small structural movements.

Wall and corner protection, Entrance mats, Fire barrier

Modern buildings are used by modern people. Offering protection against damage by scratch, dust or fire, our dedicated articles are more than helpful for the building health and people safety.

Finishing profiles

Various profiles for wall tiles, profiles for floor, protection steps, made from aluminium or plastic material.

Handyman services

We offer some services for construction buildings: installing works for most of our products, maintenance, finishing, refurbishing, joinery and carpentry, project design.


Vertical marking

The vertical signage - a complete collection of road signs, divided in basic categories and sizes, mounted to the ground using especially prepared assembly systems whose role is to keep the signs in position.

LED road signs

LED and illuminated Active signs, active information boards, light arrows anchored on a vehicle - designed for particularly dangerous places or places where special attention should be paid to certain elements on the road.

Variable message signs

Trailer with MVMS - variable message boards, to display any road signs together with text information. Remote management by application (for smartphone / tablet) for all displayed content (images, text) fully programmable.


Support structures

Especially designed support structures, selected in terms of mechanical and electrical strength to guide overhead lines. Strong posts, trusses, booms, gantries, constructions for variable content tables, road signposts.

Traffic warning equipment

Traffic warning equipment: Collision and Parking Barriers, Traffic bollards, Islands and Separators, Warning lamps, Road posts - used by road and highway maintenance companies during surface repairs, painting road lanes, cleaning after accidents, surface refurbishing.

Pedestrian guardrail

A large collection of guard barriers, used in various situations. We meet them very often on roads, along sidewalks, bicycle paths, lawns and in many other places. They are not for ornamentation, the most often their aim is to protect cyclists and pedestrians, especially children.


Road safety guardrail

Solid energy-intensive barriers for safety on highways, bridges, mountain roads.

Small urban architecture

Small urban architecture - we can see its products practically at every step: bus shelters, city small furniture and park benches, litter bins, bicycle stands and many more.

Outdoor signage

Tablets with street names improve in a great way the movement around a specific city, precisely defining the place or housing, being visible day or night, closer or at the distance.



City information panels

Advertising boards and EU boards (set up under new EU programs); memorial plaques, information boards, external and internal tables, properly secured against scratches and other mechanical and chemical damage.

WB Lights on trailer

Mobile trafic lights for instant traffic control co-working with TMA (Trackmounted Crash Attenuator), commonly known as the TMA collision cushion - a truck-mounted construction that absorbs the kinetic energy of the vehicle striking it; deploying the cushion to the active position in only 22 seconds.

Offer for railways

Products for railways and train stations: panels for access to platforms, stations or exits, information display showcases, small urban furniture elements, weatherproof shelters for exposed platforms, railings and fences.

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